I’ve traveled around the world with my camera in hand, in awe of life unfolding without interruption; from the icy waters of Antarctica capturing wildlife to an intimate exchange of vows amidst a natural preserve in California.  

Greg Fisher, Founder + Filmmaker

 Before my career brought me to weddings, I was a recording engineer and played guitar in a band. Cinematography was a natural evolution of my love for visual art and appreciation for music - when combined, its effect is undeniable. 

My experience has taught me to be patient for special, genuine moments. This directs the film that documents your love. I consider it a great privilege to have found this artistic path, and to document my clients in a monumental time of their lives.

Originally from Pennsylvania, I found my home and my heart in Boston with my wife Nicole and our blended family. Being in New England, we find peace in the great outdoors. I’ve dedicated my life to my family, my craft and to exploring the remarkable qualities of the natural world.

Destination Work


Nicole and I also have a deep appreciation for travel. It’s our love language and has taken us all around the world. If you’re planning a destination event, please reach out. Special consideration is given to couples who invite me to places on my wishlist.